Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fulfilling Weekend

To start off my blog with a bang, I can successfully say that I stayed home in my sweatpants and MooFest tshirt all day.

Exciting, right?

In my defense, I am still battling my nonstop, four week long sinus infection, and not to mention a stomachache from eating half a deep-fried MoonPie (gross, I know) last night at Christmas on the Square. Big mistake for a weak stomach.

Nevertheless, this weekend has been very satisfactory. Friday, which I honestly was dreading, I went to see New Moon with Koltin, the ex boyfriend. It's a long story... girlfriend Zyan and I had tickets, Zyan couldn't go, Koltin volunteered, and I wasn't going to say no.

I did not want to go. At all. Cheesy Twilight movies and ex boyfriends just do not mix... But when we left I fell into this state of comfort that I can't ever remember feeling. I guess he knew my junk, and I knew his (which is a lot more than mine, of course), and there was no awkward, "So what have you to been up since we dated two years ago and all of the drama ensued?", or "How's the love life?". It was natural. There was absolutely no attraction, no need to impress. I think it needed two years of total hatred to arrive at this point, but I think we're there. I'm not saying we'll be best friends, but we are friends, and that is saying a lot.

We ended up missing the exit, because he can't drive, and then riding forever to the next town, where he missed the turn off to the interstate... As I was directing him to turn around and take the proper turn, his mother called and I had to put on a sweet and proper voice to talk to her. Apparently, this was taking all of my concentration because, while I was chatting away, he took the wrong turn and got back on the interstate going in the exact same direction we were headed in before - the WRONG one. Drove another fifteen minutes to the next exit, and finally got back on the interstate heading in the right way, toward the cinema. After many other misadventures and traffic that I rolled down the window and swore at, we did find our destination. Yet through the cursing and us singing a song out of the pure pain of having to pee, we bonded. I'm pretty sure I forgave him during that time, something I swore I would never ever do. There was a purpose to that trip, and I feel as if I've lost a few hundred lbs by letting my resentment go.

Last night was Christmas on the Square. I love the festival. It puts our little town of Athens (aka Mayberry) into a cheerful holiday spirit. I adore the vendors and the lights, the cool weather and the warmth of the stores when you walk in. Can one really ask for more? I know quaint little downtown Athens will be what I really miss when I go to school, but I will surely make it a point to be back for every downtown festival. And best friend Katie will be joining me every year even if I have to drag her there myself!

It's possible that my mood was determinedly uplifted because of my acceptance letter from Belmont that morning, but I was in such a wondrous mood all night. Even as carolers were told to relocate at the sight of me walking by, I remained chipper. However, the lady at the fudge shoppe came very close to receiving a rude remark as she made it clear she did not believe my credit card would be authorized. Haha, but her face made up for my annoyance completely as it successfully went through! I saw my favorite downtown people, and I feel so enriched to know that there are true and honestly kind individuals just down the street. To renew that belief is the main reason to attend Downtown Christmas.

I'm positive it's only a silly dream, but with all the lights and the warmth and magic of a Christmas festival, my dreamer's heart tends to be whisked away. Romance foolishly fills my heart. How thankful am I to be a fool! It makes for more marvelous dreams - but only at night. I will not let myself daydream about this certain person, because I know in this case I will most certainly be filled with disappointment. But I hope to remember this night to where I, at least, felt something.

After all of this, I sit here, dressed like a slob and drinking ginger ale, feeling quite fulfilled.